TechTonic can help your company create new opportunities for improvement by reducing the costs of managing applications by over half. We offer a wide range of solutions that can help transform your business and technology operations to world-class excellence.

TechTonic is committed to building stronger, deeper relationships with our clients to help them overcome business challenges. We foster a culture that prizes consistency, a high level of service and the delivery of competitive, value-added solutions. TechTonic leverages technology to create sustainable business value for our clients in various industries.

TechTonic offers a complete application services portfolio. These services will be extended on Time & Materials and/or a fixed fee basis and/or long-term service level agreement/contract basis.

Our services are focused on

Cloud Computing

Enterprise data centers and corporate networks are under increasing pressure to speed up service velocity, improve reliability and availability, increase service quality all whilst reducing the cost of IT. There is no room for error when critical business data, communications and applications run across the core infrastructure and network. Not only are the deliverables getting more demanding but these demands are set against a backdrop of tightening IT budgets combined with greater importance for manageability and security.

TechTonic offers Cloud Management and Monitoring services that are specifically designed to bridge the gap between the client’s demand for high performance and the constraints of time and money. Regardless of whether we are executing essential administrative functions, critical performance monitoring or simply providing support, our teams ensure functionality, availability, redundancy and reliability 24 hours a day seven days a week all over the world.

TechTonic works with individual clients to design an optimal infrastructure, monitoring and maintenance strategy that fulfills the unique requirements of the client’s organization. We offer holistic monitoring and management services for clients who make use of multiple cloud providers that achieves unified visibility for their infrastructure so that they can validate that each cloud vendor is maintaining their Service Level Agreements. The infrastructure experience we have, incorporates server management, workstation management, network management and comprehensive health and performance monitoring.

The services we offer are focused on making improvements to the systems’ performance and increasing up-time SLA’ s whilst simultaneously cutting back on operational costs. The Operational Performance Centre provided by TechTonic features sophisticated performance and health monitoring that can transform your IT services into a proactive offering. The most important thing Broadgate brings to the table is client’s having peace of mind so they can focus on their core business, safe in the knowledge that technology infrastructure is performing optimally

Production Support

Apart from development and maintenance, TechTonic provides production support services where the abends, errors in the running applications are monitored online and the required fixes are done within the SLAs time.

TechTonic Customer Support Center operates on a 24x7 basis and is the central point of contact for tracking problems and monitoring changes made to customer applications. This centralized tracking ensures no duplication of efforts, streamlining processes and speedy communications.

Application Development

TechTonic provides application development services for web enabled and database applications for Client/server, AS/400 and Mainframe platforms. With the aid of skilled personnel and vast experience in developing applications, we pride ourselves on reducing cycle time while maintaining the highest quality standards. Due to our ability to mobilize teams of highly skilled resources, we can often start the project within days from the request placed. These global teams, which are normally comprised of on-site project managers and off-shore programming resources, ensure your project is completed on time, within budget, and meets all of the business requirements.

Application Support

Application Management and Support is an important element towards enhancing and extending the life of the applications. TechTonic on seamlessly maintaining and transforming your business-critical applications to meet changing business needs.

TechTonic Services uses innovative technology and industry best practices to deliver end-to-end application support that focuses on the customer, delivers accurate and timely communications and provides continuous service improvements. TechTonic services include:

Infrastructure Management

TechTonic Infrastructure Management services enable leading companies worldwide to optimize, secure, manage and support their mission-critical infrastructure.TechTonic works with customers to align IT plan and roadmap with enterprise strategy to deliver solutions that drive efficient business process as well as improve the availability, reliability and performance of data center, network and security infrastructure.

QA and Testing Services

We, at TechTonic, are committed to quality and we strongly believe that testing shouldn’t be an afterthought. Testing Planning and Testing should be an integral part of the Software Development Life Cycle.The demand on Quality Assurance has grown significantly for enterprises of today. In parallel, dynamic market trends and the ever-changing technology landscape with the emergence of disruptive technologies such as cloud, mobility and social media have made profound impact that has necessitated a change in approach, methodology and delivery of Testing Services.

TechTonic Testing & Quality Assurance services are backed by a strong legacy of testing expertise and endorsed for its wide range of customers. We offer business transformation through IP driven differentiated service mix aligned to emerging trends.